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It is Avi-Con’s intent to bridge the gap to a sustainable built environment via the provision of well-engineered systems, training and solutions.



Avi-Con Services, through the implementation of its strategic plans, shall engage industry and relevant stakeholders, so as to create and implement the best life cycle protection, maintenance or construction system, which are supported by design, solution selection criteria, installation guides and product technical support.


Our Introduction

Avi-Con Services Limited was founded on the premise that there are existing gaps in product and service expectation. As such, through its leadership, training and experience, the ability to diagnose issues and proposed solutions became an inherent strength of the company.

Avi-Con, via stakeholder engagement continues to provide structured knowledge transfer as it relates to architecture, engineering, installation and maintenance.

  • Foreign-based training sessions successfully held in Cleveland Ohio, Buffalo NY and Panama.
  • Regional reach: Jamaica, Southern Caribbean including Suriname and Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Support of APETT via live and virtual (webinars) training sessions.

Avi-Con has since been able to deliver solutions related to:

Avi-Con Services Limited
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